Please make a habit of listening to the local radio or television stations, or checking the MCAS website for delays or closings every day!    We follow the Michigan City Area Schools as far as delays, closings, and early dismissals, though in the case of early dismissals, we ask that you come immediately to pick up your child since we do not have to worry about bus schedules as the public schools do. 


Now that the colder weather is upon us, we would like to remind you to please LABEL all coats, hats, mittens, boots, etc. that your child brings to school.  We appreciate your cooperation as this helps us make sure all belongings are returned to their rightful owners!


In the past month we have been practicing tornado and fire drills. This would be a good opportunity to follow-up at home with conversations about your family’s safety procedures.



In order to safely move 25 to 30 cars through our drop off/pick up line, we are not able to help children with putting on and taking off winter coats in the car.  Many parents have found that having their child wear a sweatshirt, fleece, or lighter weight layers in the car is preferable to having him/her wear a bulky coat which needs to be removed before buckling.  Please note that we will not be going outdoors when it is cold and snowy so snow pants are not necessary.  If you want to help your child in putting on or removing his/her coat, we respectfully ask that you park on the asphalt at the rear of the school and walk him/her to and from the car.  Thank you for your cooperation!


We have scheduled our “Bring Someone Special Nights” for November 6 and 7 this year. Each child will have an opportunity to bring one special adult with them to school on these nights.  Please keep the following thoughts in mind as you work with your child:

·        Your child is used to taking off his/her own coat and hanging it up on arrival. Help only if necessary.

·        Please stay with your child while he/she works on rugs or tables, working as quietly as possible.

·        Please walk around rugs as these are meant to be your child's workspace.

·        Please allow your child to make the choice of work. Your child will know what is appropriate for him/her at this time.

When the music is turned on, your child will know it is Line Time and will put his/her work away. You may stand around the line at this time and quietly watch your child participate in line time activities.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this special opportunity to share in your child’s Montessori experience.


Q:  Why is it recommended that my child come to school five days a week?

A:  Our first goal is to help the children feel secure and comfortable, and to create a sense of community in our classroom.  The consistency of coming five days allows them to build trusting relationships with their teachers and helps them to develop a better understanding of classroom procedures.  When children feel safe and their routine becomes predictable, they may then become confident and enthusiastic about learning, which of course is our ultimate goal!