Montessori FAQs 

Q:  Why doesn’t my child bring home any papers in his weekly folder?  Does this mean he hasn’t done anything all week?!

A:  On the contrary!  Since the Montessori philosophy is based on the use of manipulative materials which allow the child to learn in a structured, hands-on, sensorial manner, there is often not a paper involved in the completion of the task.  All of the classroom activities are designed to help develop specific skills and concepts, and you may rest assured that your child has benefitted greatly from his weekly experiences and interactions at school.  Of course, as your child progresses further in the academic areas you will begin to see more paper work coming home.      

Pee Wee Sports

 John Ashby from Pee Wee Sports joins us twice a month on Wednesdays.  Mr. John has been working with our school for many years, and he helps our children learn about health, nutrition and fitness using sports, movement, music, stories and puppets.  A fee of $36 for the entire school year was included in your monthly statement for September to help cover the cost of this program.  The children always look forward to Mr. John’s visits, and we are so glad that he will be working with us again this year!