A deep respect for the child is the basis of the educational philosophy at Constructive Pathways Montessori School. By creating an atmosphere of complete acceptance, emotional comfort, and clear expectations of behavior, we can help the child develop a sense of self‑worth, social responsibility, and love of learning. It is necessary to be observant of each child's sensitive periods and trust him to progress at his own rate. The "prepared environment" ensures success in the learning process by teaching the skills of creativity, experimentation and learning by doing.


Emphasis is placed on:

·         freedom for the child within the limits of the "prepared environment”

·         ordered learning exercises, which are self-correcting and motivate the child to concentrated               participation

·         self-directed activities which nurture a child’s individual needs and interests

·         cultural awareness through contact with nature, science, the fine arts, literature and the                     history of mankind

·         social growth through sharing and cooperation with peers, through developing respect for                 others’ rights and personhood, through being introduced to diverse cultures

·         all of which promote harmony and spirit of community